Know the news that sellers receive

With the resource /communications/notices you can know all the current communications sent by Mercado Libre to the sellers through Seller Central.


→How do we show it in Mercado Libre?
→Get news
→Call parameters
→Response parameters

How do we show it in Mercado Libre?

Get news

Now you can also get these news made a GET in the same way as below.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$LIMIT&offset=$OFFSET


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'

Call parameters

  • access_token: Access token to identify the seller who wants to check their news. Learn more about Authentication and Authorization.
  • limit (optional): The maximum limit of communications to be received.
  • offset (optional): If the total is greater than the limit, the offset is used for paging.
  • Response example::

        "paging": {
            "total": 1,
            "offset": 0,
            "limit": 5
        "results": [
                "actions": {
                        "text": "Conocer más",
                        "link": ""
                "id": "655",
                "label": "Ahora tenés más detalles sobre cómo recibimos tus envíos en Full",
                "description": "Controlá en tiempo real las unidades que vamos poniendo a la venta. Si detectamos problemas al procesarlas, vas a poder resolverlo"

    The 655 news is not available, it is illustrative.

    The news will be sorted by priority, from greater importance to less.

    Response parameters

    paging: results paging format.

    • total: The total results found.
    • offset: Index of the result from which you want to obtain. Ex: With 100 news in total, using a limit of 20. If you want I want to see a second page I have to send offset = 21 and it will show me from 21 to 40.
    • limit: The maximum number of results I want to see on a single page.

    results: list of news.

    • actions(optional): List with actions.
    • text: The text of the action.   

    • link: The link of the action.

    • id: Communication identification.
      label: The title of the communication.
      description: The description of the communication.

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