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April 08, 2024

Starting in June you should use the item_prices notifications to find out about price changes.

April 23, 2024

We extended the coverage radius to 8km for Turbo shipments. This means that by using the documented endpoint you will be able to receive values up to 8000 meters.

April 24, 2024

We have activated new auto parts compatibility resources. Use the new endpoint to search for vehicles and get compatibility suggestions.

April 24, 2024

Billing data, the new version of the /billing_info resource for sales billing is available.

Principal guides

Find out about the guides that will help you in the development of your application.


24 modules

Explore the features available to mass publish, edit items, compete in the catalog, manage sales, shipments, and more.


9 modules

See how to publish vehicles, manage packages, contacts, and visits. In addition to identifying pre-approved credits.

Real state

9 modules

Work with real estate by publishing and managing houses, apartments, land. In addition to adding contact by Whatsapp.

Mercado shops

7 modules

Integrate many solutions to create Mercado Shops and manage publications, submissions, sales and promotions effectively.

Improve your development

Integrate our recommended features.

  • Publications
  • Catalog
  • Sales and Shipments
  • Size Table
  • Promotions
  • Mercado Shops
  • Vehicles
  • Real state

Categorize your publications appropriately

Use the category predictor to report vehicle accessory compatibilities and avoid infractions.

Publish products to the Catalog

Identify the must-have products in the Catalog and compete with the best-selling conditions to win sales.

Manage Sales and Shipments

Now you can consult shopping carts and offer and best shipping solution with Mercado Envios.

Include the size table in items

Offer a better shopping experience for Fashion products with higher quality publications.

Centralize your promotions

Some promotions offered by Mercado Livre are traditional campaigns, with participation from Mercado Livre, offers of the day and lightning offers.

Integrate solutions for stores

Offer the best-selling experience by integrating functionalities for Mercado Shops stores.

Manage Vehicles

Develop features to manage vehicles and provide a better booking experience.

Work with Real Estate

Optimize your development to publish and manage houses, apartments, land and more developments.

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