Start testing

We do not have a test environment or sandbox to run tests: we work with test users directly into the site. The advantage of working with a test user is that you can simulate the same actions allowed for a real user –list, update data, ask, answer, purchase, sell, rate, etc.- among test users without paying for any charges or getting penalties, without jeopardizing a real user’s reputation. This tutorial will guide you on how to start working with our API while your app is currently on development.


→Create a test user
→Buy and sell between users test

Create a test user

You need to have a token to create a test user. If you haven’t got your access_token yet, you may read the Authentication & Authorization guide, or you can simple come back here when you are ready to test. You only need to send on the on the JSON the country where you want to operate.


curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d



Great! On the response you get the User_id, Nickname, Password and current status of your new test user.


When working with test users, you need to take into account the following considerations:

  • You can create up to 10 test users with your mercadolibre account.
  • Test users won’t be active for too long, but once they expire, you can create new ones.
  • List under the “Others” category as much as possible.
  • Never list under “gold” or “gold_premium” so it doesn’t get to our home page.
  • Test users can only operate with test items: Test users can only buy, sell, and make questions on test items.
  • Test users showing no activity (buy, ask, publish, etc.) during 60 days are immediately removed.
  • Test items are removed regularly.

Great! you just finished our Getting Started section. To continue learning, we recommend you to visit our API docs, and choose among our verticals: Products, Real Estates, Vehicles or Services.

Buy and sell between users test

Remember that tests on the platform and all transactions must be done with test users. In addition, personal accounts should not contain ads. If you want to simulate purchases between test users, you could use our test cards.

Bear in mind that you should upload fictitious data and that for security, when running tests, we don't add bank names to cards available for testing.