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Última atualização em 15/03/2023

Brand Protection Program

It is a program directed to right holders to defend the intellectual property of creations such as, for example, brands, logos, literature and artistic creations, designs, images or inventions, among others. The program seeks to help the different actors on the platform:

  • To rights holders, to protect their creations,
  • To rights holders, to protect their creations,
  • To buyers, so they know they will always get original and the best quality products.

Rights holders and sellers

The program allows the rights holder to report possible infractions in Mercado Libre publications.
In these cases, sellers will be able to send a response to the Member, proving that they are not infringing rights or, in some cases, modifying their publication.

Complaint flow

1. Application and registration: any rights holder can join the program, by submitting the documentation that accredits it.

2. The rights holder sends the complaint: upon the complaint, the publication will be paused and notice will be given to the complained seller, who will have a certain period of time to contact the Member through the Program and prove that its publication does not infringe rights.

3. Send your response: if your publication received a complaint and you do not reply within four days, it will be automatically cancelled. To respond, you will be able to send documentation that demonstrates that you are not infringing rights. For example, purchase invoices proving that the product is original, or authorization from the rights holder to offer his products..

If you received a complaint about the images in your publication, you will also have the option to correct them and send them as a response to the rights holder.

Learn more recommendations to publish without infringing intellectual property rights.

4. The rights holder reviews your response: they will have four days to review what you sent and respond.

  • If the rights holder accepts the response or does not respond within four days, your publication will be reactivated.
  • If the rights holder does not accept the response for valid reasons or you do not send your response in time, your publication will be permanently removed from the site.

Mercado Libre does not analyze the responses from sellers or the documentation they send to the Members and does not take part in the Member's final decision on the removal of the publication.

For more information about the program, visit the Brand Protection Program website and Terms and Conditions.