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Última atualização em 03/11/2023


The resources of Mercado Shops are available in Argentina, Brazil, México, Chile and Colombia.

Mercado Shops is Mercado Libre's e-commerce platform, an excellent solution to have a professional store and offer the best shopping experience on all devices for those who develop and sell. Learn more.

  • A store with multiple sales channels to sell your products to buyers in Mercado Libre, Instagram, Facebook, and Google Shopping.
  • It has Mercado Envíos FULL, a complete logistic solution that solves the storage, dispatch and packaging of your products with all Mercado Envíos services.
  • Having a store in Mercado Shops, improves your conversion thanks to being in the Mercado Libre ecosystem, by taking advantage of the 50 million buyers that are already registered in our platforms, so that your customers can make purchases in a few clicks without uploading data.

We recommend checking the documentation for the initial steps to create an application within Mercado Libre for integration work. Learn more.

Below, we share with you more information on how to publish, edit prices, ship for free, invoice with coupons and manage Mercado Shops sales in a differentiated way.

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