Searches & advanced features

If you want sellers to use the application that you developed to enhance their business, take into account that you have available a lot of useful market information to help sellers create sales strategies and make smart decisions timely. You can also develop a system to compare prices and attributes between different types of listings. Follow our guides to learn how to take advantage of every resource!

Advanced queries

Help your sellers stay one step ahead in their business at all times. First, bear in mind that you will not be able to access private data from users who have not granted permission to your application. However, you can get public data about these users, such as who lists under the same categories as you, number of listings posted, prices and attributes included in their listings, categories under which they list, and number of contacts and visits they get on a daily basis.

Compare prices and attributes

You could suggest sellers using your system what’s the best price to sell their products and be competitive by analyzing the price of the same kind of products listed on MercadoLibre. To do this it may come handy to learn how to search items by category, then check the price field of those items and calculate the average. You could also make a system that analyzes the classified market items prices and attributes so buyers can compare, localize, and find exactly what they’re looking for. Follow the guides below to learn how to use the resources that will help you accomplish this:

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