We developed an API that helps the integrator query the elements affected by some type of moderation, i.e., which have not passed some platform filters. For example, listings which -for some reason- were pending review due to price, description, etc., or questions including contents which do not pass the filter. In this way, the integrator will be able to see certain situations which will be only viewed by the seller on the platform.


Query infractions

With the GET, you can query the elements affected by some type of moderation.

Query infractions with filter

You can make the same query with some filters, such as, year and limit of records to be displayed by the API.
    "message": "1 items with infractions since December 2017",
    "seller": {
        "id": 305860144,
        "nickname": "TESTDD9J81ZY"
    "paging": {
        "limit": 20,
        "offset": 0,
        "total": 1
    "results": [
            "element_id": "MLB997546581",
            "element_type": "ITM",
            "infraction_date": "2018-03-21T09:59:30.480-04:00",
            "type": "infraction",
            "reason": "Mal categorizado - Categoría - Titulo",
            "current_status": "under_review",
            "sub_status": [


limit Paging limit (Default = 20, <= 50)
offset Paging offset (Default = 0, <=50)
year_month Starting year and month to get infractions (Example: 201711 (year and month))

Status list

  • Type of element (results.element_type)
  • - ITM (item) - It means that the element is a listing - QUE (question) - It means that the element can be a question or a response to the listing.
  • Type of infraction (results.type)
  • - At this point, only the "infraction" type will be displayed.
  • Element current status (results.current_status)
  • - The possible statuses to be displayed are: under_review, paused, active.
  • List of current element sub-statuses (results.sub_status)
  • - The sub-status can be displayed empty and the following can also be displayed.
  • Status "under_review"
  • - waiting_for_patch, suspended, held, banned, pending_documentation, forbidden, suspended_for_prevention.
  • Status "paused"
  • - freezes, suspended

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