What is Mercado Shops?

Mercado Shops is a SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce platform built on Mercado Libre's infrastructure. An easy-to-configure online shop, 100% integrated into Mercado Libre.

An excellent solution for developers, since they should only interact with Mercado Libre's APIs to manage both Mercado Libre and Mercado Shops listings and sales.

Besides, it has multiple benefits for sellers:

  • Quick and easy: with just one click in Mercado Libre account, the online shop is activated and the entire Mercado Libre's catalog is automatically listed.
  • No overhead: there are no activation or maintenance charges. Sellers will pay the same sales fee percentage as they pay in Mercado Libre.
  • It is your own, customizable channel: a space where sellers may implement marketing actions and strategies to boost sales growth.
  • It speeds up Mercado Libre's growth: each sale in Mercado Shops adds to your seller reputation and helps both improve positioning in Mercado Libre searches and become a Mercado Líder faster.
  • All Mercado Libre's solutions: including Mercado Pago, all Mercado Envíos services (labels, free shipping at promotional price, pickup, Flex and Fulfillment), Sales Protection Program (for both buyer and seller's protection), and Mercado Puntos.
  • Consolidated management: everything in one place! Sellers can manage their shop listings, sales and shipments from their Mercado Libre account, with no changes in their daily operation.

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