Manage orders

With these resources you can identify Mercado Shops orders, check their details and know the possible status of the order.


→Search Mercado Shops orders
→Mercado Shops order detail
→Order statuses

Search Mercado Shops orders

You will identify Mercado Shops orders with the mshops tag.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -H x-format-new: true$ORDER_ID


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN' -H x-format-new: true


    "id": 2063200914,
    "date_created": "2019-06-24T15:53:04.000-04:00",
    "date_closed": "2019-06-24T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "last_updated": "2019-06-24T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "manufacturing_ending_date": null,
    "feedback": {...},
    "mediations": [],
    "comments": null,
    "pack_id": null,
    "pickup_id": null,
    "order_request": {...},
    "fulfilled": null,
    "total_amount": 25,
    "paid_amount": 31.9,
    "coupon": {...},
    "expiration_date": "2019-07-22T15:53:06.000-04:00",
    "order_items": [...],
    "currency_id": "BRL",
    "payments": [...],
    "shipping": {...},
    "status": "paid",
    "status_detail": null,
    "tags": [
    "buyer": {...},
    "seller": {...},
    "taxes": {...}

Mercado Shops order detail

Make request with mshops tag.


curl -X GET -H 'Authorization: Bearer $ACCESS_TOKEN'$SELLER_ID&tags=mshops

Order status

confirmed: initial status of an order, even without having been paid.
payment_required: it is necessary to confirm the payment of the order to show the user information.
payment_in_process: there is a payment related to the order, but it has not yet been credited.
partially_paid: the order has an associated payment credited, but it is not sufficient.
paid: the order has an associated payment credited.
cancelled: the order was not completed. See more reasons.

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