Categories & Listings

This examples will help you work with the category tree and listing options of Mercado Libre.

Resource Description Example
/sites Retrieves information about the sites where MercadoLibre runs. GET
/site_domains/$SITE_DOMAIN_URL Returns information about listing types. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/listing_types Returns different exposure levels associated with all listing types in Mercado Libre. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/listing_prices?price=$PRICE Returns the listing price for selling and buying in Mercado Libre. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/categories Returns available categories in the site. GET
/categories/$CATEGORY_ID Returns information about a category. GET
/categories/$CATEGORY_ID/attributes Displays attributes and rules over them in order to describe the items that are stored in each category. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/category_predictor/predict Category predictor. Retrieves the most accurate category to list your item basing on it's title. GET
/categories/$CATEGORY_ID/classifieds_promotion_packs Retrieves classified promotion packs by category. GET
/sites/$SITE_ID/listing_types/$LISTING_TYPE_ID Retrieves the configuration for a specific listing type. GET
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