Account balance


→Check account balance
→Reasons of amount unavailavilty

Check account balance

When you have money on your account, you can check your balance with the Mercado Pago Account resource.


curl -X GET$USER_ID/mercadopago_account/balance?access_token=$ACCESS_TOKEN

You will notice that you’ll find various amounts separated by status and availability in the response.

The parameter “unavailable_balance_by_reason” shows the amounts ​​unavailable and it will tell you the reason why it’s unavailable. You can also see amounts available for transfer, withdrawal, and payment (credit in Mercado Pago) in the parameter “available_balance_by_transaction_type.”

Reasons of amount unavailavilty

  • dispute: amount blocked while the order is in dispute.
  • fraud: amount blocked due to suspected fraud.
  • ml_debt: amount destined only to MercadoLibre cost.
  • time_period: amount blocked by default time processing Mercado Pago.
  • restriction: amount blocked for other reasons.

That’s all you need to know about it. If you want to know further about working with Mercado Pago, check the Mercado Pago Developers site.